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Environment policy

Created by Tom Hardman – November 2021

Last reviewed/updated

Wild Things Performing Arts CIC is committed to minimising any adverse impact of its work on the local or wider environment.

We are therefore committed to minimising our environmental impact as an integral part of our business strategy and operating methods and to meeting the requirements of current environmental legislation.

Environmental Impacts

We believe our environmental impact to be concentrated in the following areas:

Procurement of goods and services

Paper, printing, signage:Specify low environmental impact and weight significantly in procurement criteria, for example do not specify laminated book covers which cannot be recycled.Support local suppliers whenever possible.Only print when necessary, encourage use of recycled paper and print double sidedEnsure all recyclable material is disposed of responsibly

Travel and transport

Public transport, hire and private cars – staff and freelance contractorsEncourage use of public transport, bikes and car sharing
Public transport, hire and private cars – ParticipantsEncourage use of public transport, bikes and car sharing where appropriate

Events and activities we organise

Venues – location, accessibilityChoose venues with good public transport links whenever practicable
ConsumablesMinimise the use of disposable food and drink containersEnsure all recyclable materials is sorted into recycle bins


In each of these areas we will:

a) seek to establish our current baseline wherever possible (for example our records of paper bought or printing commissioned)

b) review our contracts, conditions and policies to ensure that our suppliers, artists, venues are aware of our policy and inform us of theirs

c) set appropriate targets for improvement where practicable and monitor annually

d) ensure all staff and suppliers are aware of the importance we attach to this policy and its implementation through annual appraisal and/or contract renewal process

e) report annually to the Board on implementation of this policy.