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Natwest offers match funding

Wild Things has received £2,500 in match funding from NatWest’s “Back Her Business” scheme – designed to champion women in business – after they won match funding for their recent crowdfunder campaign.

The new ‘not-for-profit’ organisation with strong community values, aiming to make the performing arts inclusive and accessible to all, was set up in June 2020 by three strong, intelligent women from Oldham, all with an interest in making their Community a better place through offering inclusive performing arts to all;  Nancy Monaghan, an actor, director, writer and workshop leader with 26 years experience in the arts and firm roots within the arts community in the Greater Manchester area, Libby Jones, an NHS Doctor who participated for many years in performing arts activities with Wild Things in its days as a Limited Company as a young child – and went on to act and direct performances at the Edinburgh Festival during her uni days – Libby cites performing arts as one of the contributors to her confidence and success, and Christine Cosgrove, a retired Tax Inspector whose grandchildren have all benefited hugely from performing arts classes. 

Natwest’s ‘Back Her Business’ scheme champions women in business and encourages new organisations to fundraise by offering match-funding for Crowdfunding campaigns.  The criteria for the match-funding was that we raised £5,000 and had at least 50 supporters for our Crowdfunding campaign – if we managed to do this, Natwest would provide £2,500 match-funding. 

We reached this target at the end of September, and so Natwest added the funds to our Crowdfunder campaign.  We are extremely grateful for this help and think it is FANTASTIC that Natwest would champion women in business in such a way.