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What we do

We provide high quality performing arts classes, workshops and projects for members of the community, young and old. And whilst we always aim for the best artistic outcome possible at the end of any project, first and foremost, we place the individual at the centre of ALL of our activities. Meaning the focus is YOU and what you gain from the process.

We celebrate you and who you are right now. We encourage you to look at your ‘quirks’ as your superpower. We encourage other participants to celebrate their peers. We create an atmosphere where no idea is a bad idea. Where trying and failing is a good thing – because that’s how we learn.

The community projects we undertake aim to increase inclusion and participation in the Performing Arts across all ages. We continue to make connections with some of the incredible voluntary and community groups and other socially-focussed organisations around us to make sure that projects have a joined-up approach and that we are serving a real need with what we do. This may be with our own highly-skilled acting, singing, music, dance, comedy, film-making and writing professionals, or some of the many incredible freelance artists in our network.