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Young people are often frowned upon for being rebellious. But rebellion can be a good thing, if used for the greater good!

This project, funded by Arts Council England and in partnership with Touchstones Rochdale, saw two groups of 10 young people explore rebellious characters from local history, using material from the Touchstones archives – and use this to inspire them to write a whole new short play about a young person who stands up and makes a change.

We are delighted to have worked with two groups of Young Carers from Positive Steps in Oldham. The sessions took place once a week at the brilliant Mahdlo centre. The young people began by considering some of the local area’s rebellious characters and deciding what it was that inspired them about some, or all of them.

Then, under the expert guidance of local playwright Cathy Crabb, the two groups created a play script, centred around a fictional young person who stands up for what they believe in, to make the world around them that little bit better. Following the creation of the script, participants worked with a drama specialist to get the script up on its feet and performed it to a live audience!

Funded by Arts Council England. Working in partnership with Touchstones Rochdale.