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From regular classes in Drama, Dance and Singing, to one-off projects and workshops, we have plenty for you to get involved in!

Performing arts schools

Want to get creative on a weekly basis?  We offer classes in Drama, Dance and Singing at our Performing Arts Schools, giving young people of all ages the opportunity to make friends, create and perform in many different ways.  Our classes are welcoming, inclusive and place an emphasis on the importance of individuality.  To find out more and register to join us, click on the links below.

Community projects

We also run regular creative projects within the community.  Our community projects are varied, making use of the incredible specialist arts team we have working with us.  Projects may include acting, singing, dance, writing, film-making, comedy and more!  As with all of Wild Things’ activities, no experience is necessary to join in and the most important thing is you – your enjoyment and development.  

Check out some of our projects, past and present:

Age 0–4

An introduction to music making

Age 11–18

“Can young people be rebellious in a good way?”

Age 11-18

Read a play with a hot drink and snack (provided)

Youth Theatre for Young Carers

We’re currently raising money for a Youth Theatre for Young Carers, and we need your help! We want to cultivate the imagination and creative skills of these children through drama, dance and singing. The Youth Theatre will be a place for Young Carers to have fun and be kids for a while, as so much of their lives can be filled with adult responsibilities. Our initial fundraising efforts gave us a start, but we are way off the total amount needed to make this happen.  We desperately need your donations, so contribute now and help us to have a positive impact on their lives!  You can either make a one-off donation, or a regular contribution.  All donors will be kept updated with our fundraising progress and eventually, on the development of our Youth Theatre!