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Students start their own fund raisers to help save their Performing Arts School

We have had our Crowdfunding campaign extended for 2 weeks – and we’re really hoping to raise as much money as we possibly can in this time to ensure the short-term future of our wonderful Performing Arts organisation.  This will buy us time to apply for grant-funding to allow us to have more of an impact on our community and secure the longer-term future of our organisation.

To help us along, some of our brilliant students have set up their own mini-Crowdfunders!  Each of them has set themselves a task and an amount to raise in the next two weeks.  And they’re doing great!  Family and friends have pitched in to sponsor them, and the pledges re still coming in.  

We are proud of each and every one of you for supporting your Performing Arts school in this way, and can’t wait to see your sponsored events!

If you’d like to set up your own mini-Crowdfunder, you can do so here.

Alternatively, you can donate to our Crowdfunder here.